“Be in Permanent readiness for The Marvelous”

—Suzanne Césaire, Tropiques no. 1, 1941

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“Nou La Didier William’s Spaciousness
on Sugarcane

“William’s work certainly takes us deeper, farther into new galaxies. The capacity to occupy linear and all-at-once time is a burden and gift of visionaries.”

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“Avant-Garde Rasanblaj”
(A Meditation on PÒTOPRENS)

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Gina Athena Ulysse Essays, Potoprens

“For centuries Haitian artists have been naming the stocks,
the beasts and myths. In the process, they have been actively
undoing enlightened reason. Surfing rogue waves that separate the sacred from the profane.
Prescient surrealists.
Intertwining the material with the spiritual.”