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December 21
Klekolo’s Caffeine Community

October 17-18
Defending Vodou in Haiti (Part I)

This piece was cross-posted in The Haitian Times,
Tikkundaily and Postolonialnetworks

January 26
Why Haiti Needs New Narratives Now More Than Ever

January 12
Fractured Temples: Vodou Two Years After the Earthquake

January 11
Haiti’s Vodou: A World of Wonder and Surrender

October 31
How Audre Lorde Made Queer History

July 8
Why Context Matters: Journalists and Haiti

April 28
Haitian Feminist Yolette Jeanty Honored With Other Global Women’s Activists

April 14
Constant: Haiti’s Fiercest Flag Bearer

February 15
When I Wail for Haiti: Debriefing (Performing) A Black Atlantic Nightmare

January 10
Why I Am Marching for Ayiti Cherie

January 14
The Story About Haiti You Won’t Read

November 29
Haiti’s Fouled Up Elections

October 20
Teaching Black Feminism and Paying it Forward

August 27
If I Were President: Haiti’s Diasporic Draft Part I

August 11
Haiti’s Electionaval 2010

August 2
Why I Miss bell hooks

August 1
Haiti’s Solidarity with Angels

July 28
Rape a Part of Daily Life for Women in Haiti

Why Representations of Haiti Matter Now More than Ever

July 12
Goudougoudou: Earthquake Memories From Haiti

July 1
Haiti’s Future: Repeating Disasters

April 12
Haiti’s Earthquake Nickname and Some Women’s Trauma

March 18
Sisters of the Cowries, Struggles and Haiti’s Future

March 7
Some not so Random Thoughts on Words, Art & Creativity

February 4
Haiti’s Future: A Requiem for the Dying

January 25
Dehumanization & Fracture: Trauma At Home & Abroad

January 25
The Way we See Haiti (Here on Earth)
Interview w/UMiami Kate Ramsey

January 21
Haiti’s Vodou Religion (PRI) Interview w/NYU’s Sibylle Fischer

January 21
Haiti Will Never be the Same

January 14
Amid Rubble and Ruin, Our Duty to Haiti Remains

January 11
Avatar, “Voodoo” and White Spiritual Redemption

Practice + Theory with Sibylle Fischer
Bomb Magazine